Another conversation with my mother that explains where I get my sense of logic.

by Perckle on May 5, 2011

I spent the Easter weekend with my lovely parents, which of course means wonderful conversations with my mother.  I should preface this post by explaining that my mother is deathly afraid of bugs, especially anything larger than a grain of rice.  There are legendary tales in my family of times my mother *thought* a bug was near her.  One time it was a chocolate chip.  Another time it was a dime in her sock.  One time it was a fake bug that my Dad planted in her sink.  I still don’t think she’s forgiven us for that last one.

The latest installment in the ongoing battle of my mom versus bugkind:

Mom: I have a really bad confession.  Last night, I was going to put a few glasses in the dishwasher and there was this BIG. GIANT. BUG. on the dishwasher door and everyone was asleep and it was too late to scream, so I just slammed the dishwasher door shut and turned it on.

Me: So… You washed all of the dishes with a giant bug in the dishwasher?

Mom: Yes! And I stuck a glass in the sink drain on the garbage disposal side so he couldn’t come back out!

Me: That’s why that glass in there this morning.  I moved it.

Mom: WHAT?!?!

Me: I don’t think the bug would be able to crawl from the dishwasher through the pipes and somehow end up in the sink.

Mom: Of course it can! Haven’t you heard the song?  The itsy bitsy spider going UP the water spout?

Me: Pretty sure the water spout is the thing outside that attaches to the gutter.  Hence the rain washing the spider out and not a dishwasher.

Mom: I wasn’t taking any chances.

Me: I need to write all of this down immediately.

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